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Energy Update -Blessing of the Full Moon in Leo

Hello Soul Family,

Greetings for the New Year, hope you are having a great start to 2024.

The Full Moon on January 25 along with Pluto moving into Aquarius for next 21 years is bring strong energy on planet of expansion, growth bringing opportunities for activation of your mission and your dreams.

The time will move faster than ever before , and everything in our lives will accelerate which could be overwhelming, challenging for some people, sense of confusion, triggers or displacement, if we are not ready for new changes, adaptation and adjustments. 

Manifestation, Self awareness is heightened during this time bringing clarity and opportunities of where you wish to go from here.

This energy will definitely helping in actualization of our deepest desires, awareness of our potentials and our positive ego is lead ing us to opportunities and expansions and towards a better place . You need to trust the process, hang in there you will be guided towards your goals and mission.

Starting today do one thing for yourself every day when you wake up. Connecting with your higher, divine self, bringing yourself to your inner center by doing 15 minutes of meditation, or walking in the nature, you could do yoga, or positive affirmations. . This will help you to center you will start the day with the positive note.

Things you can do on full moon . You can right your inner desires and affirmations on a paper and sleep on it.

Can repeat affirmations several times.

Taking bath with bath salts, essential chakra oils helps , burning incense. Sage. Creating a grid with crystals disagreed, reduced intentions with the healing crystals.

Affirmations for full moon: Full moon energy is helping me

Balancing my inner power self empowerment Claiming my divine within myself.

Better and positive, fundamentals changes in my thoughts, repeated patterns and habits .

Every part of my soul that was disconnected is now coming together to become whole and complete.

I am vibrating at the highest frequency of abundance, growth and in harmony, in all aspects of my life.

All limiting thoughts, programming, negative patterns, and blockages are releasing now.

I am worthy of healing and renewal, and I embrace the opportunity for my spiritual growth and evolve into my highest self.

Thank you for reading.

Love and hugs

Poonam kaur

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