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Hello, I'm Poonam Kaur

I am a medium, spiritual counselor, holistic and Ayurvedic practitioner, and a teacher and guide. Each day, I am honored to touch the lives of individuals, assisting them through emotional struggles, blockages, depression, and trauma rooted in both past and present life experiences.


In my work, I envelop each person in divine light and love, guiding them toward self-compassion and understanding. I help elevate their vibrations, enabling a profound connection with their higher selves and a detachment from lower consciousness and 3D timelines that no longer serve their purpose. My goal is to lead them back to the true essence of their soul and its mission, illuminating their path to spiritual and personal fulfillment.

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The Story

Each day is an opportunity for me to learn and teach. As I move in my spiritual journey, it opens up doors to different truths of life, unified field of unconditional love, universal principles and how it starts to work with us as we embrace these principles in our day to day lives. Thank you for your love and trust it helps to move forward in higher vibration and thus able to hold the light for you and be the conduit for your healing.

I hold group and one-to-one sessions for spiritual reading, Soul retrieval, 5D energy healing, theta healing inner programming, DNA activation stone therapy Chakra healing and alignment, I am mediation, house blessings, spiritual mentoring and guidance.

Teaching classes of ancient wisdom, modalities and healing is my biggest passion :)


Circle of Life Soul Center came in existence with a vision and mission to serve humanity with love and light and to make a difference in our community by bringing in ancient modalities and health practices so we can assist people living holistic, healthier, and natural lifestyles.


We have a team of experienced and gifted holistic practitioners who will work with you to assist you in reaching your holistic and spiritual health and lifestyle goals.

Meet the Team

Our passionate team brings a unique blend of expertise and dedication, making every healing journey possible and profound.


Please reach out if you have any questions or business inquiries!

391 Lancaster Ave.

Malvern, PA 19355



Mon - Fri: 11am - 6pm
​​Saturday: By appointment only
​Sunday: Closed

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