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Yoga Chi Flow Class

Meditation & Yoga

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 15 US dollars
  • Soul Healing Holistic Center

Service Description

Our Yoga Chi Flow class is a serene, inclusive experience, perfect for both beginners and seasoned yogis. We prioritize your unique journey, tailoring asanas to your individual body type and needs. This class is a celebration of diversity in practice, where we embrace different yoga elements to harmonize mind, body, and spirit. Embrace the Harmony of Yin & Yang Derived from the ancient wisdom of "Hatha" yoga — where 'ha' symbolizes the 'sun' (masculine, active, warm) and 'tha' represents the 'moon' (feminine, receptive, cool) — our class is a pathway to balance these energies within. It’s more than just physical exercise; it's a quest for inner equilibrium. Transformative Learning Experiences: Find joy and lightness in practice, breaking free from life's seriousness. Discover the art of balancing effort with ease in each pose. Gradually release deep-seated emotions, enhancing physical comfort. Nurture a profound connection between your masculine and feminine sides — your own yin and yan Overcome fears around flexibility, embracing your body’s capabilities. Develop a harmonious blend of strength and suppleness in your physical form. Connect with your spiritual essence through mindful movement and breath. Experience healing that transcends physical boundaries, revitalizing mind and spirit. Foster self-acceptance and a renewed zest for life. Challenge yourself, exploring new boundaries with each session. Through pranayama (breath control), we delve into a deeper connection with our inner selves. Our class is a sanctuary where you can honor your body's wisdom, releasing past burdens with gratitude. It's a space where your inner light shines brighter with each breath. Join us in this transformative journey at Yoga Chi Flow, where each class is a step towards holistic well-being and inner peace. Classes held every Saturday and at 9:30 am . Pre registration is required Call text or email to register for the class. In

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  • 391 Lancaster Ave, Malvern, PA 19355, USA


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