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Embrace the harmonious blend of spiritual energy and artistic design with our exquisite Orgone Pyramid, graced with the sacred Om symbol. Each pyramid is masterfully crafted to serve as a beacon of tranquility, featuring a captivating mix of natural crystals, vibrant metal shavings, and high-quality resin, culminating in a visually stunning piece. The Om symbol, delicately displayed in gold at the pyramid's core, represents the universal sound of creation, adding a layer of profound spiritual significance. Surrounded by blossoms, this Orgone Pyramid not only elevates the energy of any space but also stands as an emblem of inner peace and cosmic balance. Ideal for meditation, energy work, or as an elegant centerpiece, this pyramid is a must-have for seekers of serenity and those looking to enrich their surroundings with the essence of holistic well-being.


Weight 5.70oz, Height 2.75 inches, Length 2.75 inches, Width 2.75 inches

Orgone Pyramid – Om Symbol

$45.00 Regular Price
$36.90Sale Price
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